About Me

Born in Lima in 1998, Rodrigo was interested in industrial processes and understanding how things worked. It was fascinating to him to imagine how the many machines he saw throughout Peru operated. He could imagine interior worlds of gears, pulleys, and other devices working together in concert.

This early interest inspired him to study hard in school, which allowed him to attend San Pedro School and Universidad de Lima, two of the best colleges in his area. Salas loved the college environment and found it a stimulating way to learn and experiment within his field. During his studies, Rodrigo earned a Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering.

Some of his favorite classes were planning and control of operations and supply chain management, as he continued to find business operations fascinating. He was also heavily interested in many subjects that surprised his teachers and parents. For example, he took supply chain courses to expand his interests.

Besides earning his Bachelor's degree, Salas also earned a CAE Diploma and Sprachdiplom Diploma while in school. These advanced certificates in foreign languages helped broaden his language knowledge and make him a more attractive option for many companies.

Such diverse training has helped Rodrigo stand out in his field in many unique ways. For example, it has provided a well-balanced CV that showcases someone who takes his skills and education very seriously.

His GPA and college accomplishments speak for themselves, as he continually earned top marks in his classes and praise from his professors. Surprisingly, he has already published some acclaimed papers that have impacted the supply chain field.

Rodrigo's Many Accomplishments

Rodrigo Salas has a surprisingly deep and impressive CV for someone who just recently finished their education. For example, he took a nine-month Real Estate Strategy and Operations internship from IBM that helped teach him more about this field.

He took this internship while attending the Universidad de Lima, acing this activity while not losing focus on his essential studies. This ability shows that he can adequately split his attention in the workplace without losing his integrity or capability.

Rodrigo has also caught the attention of various professionals throughout Lima and outside Peru for his intelligent understanding of process analysis and Lean. He carefully studied these concepts during his university days and continually found ways to expand and improve upon his capabilities.

Furthermore, he not only learned as much as possible about these concepts but found ways to improve them. That clever and curious mind has already given him a lot of buzz in his field, even outside his native Peru.

For example, Rodrigo published the paper "Model of Supply Chain management based on the application of Lean tools and DDMRP to decrease returns in retail SMEs" in ICEA magazine. This magazine is one of the top publications in its field, and his paper got some notice from big names.

Many were surprised that such a young author could intelligently identify various supply chain trends and find ways to integrate Leans tools within this unique process.

This early success has created a lot of buzz around Rodrigo Salas and his potential as an employee. Companies have already reached out to him to gauge his interest and see where he'd like to end up in his early career.

Salas is taking his time to decide, weighing his options, and continually seeking other potential employers to boost his overall marketability. This process puts him on the brink of high personal success as a potential innovator in a highly competitive field.

A Man of Many Interests

Beyond his undying interests in supply chain management, real estate, and industrial engineering, Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso has many hobbies and interests. For example, he is an avid sports fan and follows many different teams and leagues.

He not only loves watching sports but even participates, getting together with friends to kick around a soccer ball. Salas cheers Peru's national soccer team each time they make the World Cup, and he follows many groups throughout his area.

However, he is also a music fan, following many different groups. His taste is broad and takes in many rock-based sounds and pop-based ideas.

Salas is also interested in international music and its impact on the world. He follows many rock and pop bands, buying their albums, attending their concerts, and doing what he can to engage with as many people as possible about these groups.

Rodrigo is also intrigued by the tech industry, particularly the creation of new solutions and how they can help society. He has discovered that cell applications that allow people to track their health and productivity provide many advantages.

These include better understanding their physical fitness and planning their day more efficiently. He continues to follow and even develop new tech items every year.


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